Submersible Underwater Night LED Fishing Lights

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STRONG GLOW - Fishing in the dark is extremely hard, especially when you don't have a light source with you. Our submersible fishing light will illuminate the water, allowing you to see all the creatures that it attracts and giving you a leg up on catching something big.

360° LIGHTING - Equipped with an 8-sided light, the floating fishing light glows from a 360° angle. Watch the floating underwater light from all sides, helping you to never miss out on a good catch. 

WATERPROOF - The fishing light is fully waterproof so it will continue to work underwater for hours.  There is no need to worry about the underwater fishing lights sparking up underwater and becoming unusable.


Material: PC Cover
Voltage: 12V DC
Power: 20W
Fishing light color: Green, White, Blue (optional)
Luminous flux: 1000-2000LM
Levels of protection: IP68
Working depth: Within 98ft
Lamp cap diameter: 1.1in
Lamp size: 10.9x1.1in (DxH)
Cable length: 19.6ft

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