Heavy Duty Portable Outdoor Pool Volleyball Net

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PORTABLE - The small size of the backyard volleyball net makes it storable in just about any small bag. Plus, with a weight of less than 2 lbs, even kids can carry it with ease. Compact and fit layout.

EASY SETUP - Setting up our beach volleyball net is as simple as unfolding it, hooking it onto two brackets, and ensuring that it's properly fitted to prevent it from falling down. The volleyball net is roughly 240 in x 24 in in size and can be used both as a backyard net or a swimming pool volleyball net.

BUILT TO LAST - Simply put, the portable volleyball net was built to last.The heavy duty polyethylene design ensures that there are no scratches or tears in the actual net despite the impact it faces with the ball.


Material: PE ( polyethylene )

Color: Blue , yellow

Size: About 6.1 m * 0.61 m / 240 * 24 in

Side: Eco-friendly PVC material

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