Portable Hand Held Electric Meat Smoker Generator

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CONVENIENT DESIGN - The small and handheld design of this electric meat smoker makes it extremely easy to carry from place to place and use just about anywhere. The combustion chamber at the top lets you add just about anything you want.

AMPLIFIES FLAVOR - Whether you want to add a special spice to spice up the meat or infuse it with wood chips or tea, the portable smoker lets you do it all! Without increasing temperatures or changing the taste, the meat smoker simply amplifies the overall flavor.

EASY TO CLEAN - Since the fish smoker is fully detachable, it's extremely easy to clean. Simply rinse under water and wipe away with a cloth. Ensure the battery compartment isn't washed.

How to use the food smoker:
Step 1. Grab this portable smoker; 
Step 2. Add materials you want in cigarette mouth; 
Step 3. Slide the switch to ON position; 
Step 4. Light up the material; 
Step 5. Smoke your food such as steak, cocktails, cheese, seafood etc.

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